Thank you for visiting my website. I am an experienced member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and have been practising in the Godalming area for some years. I offer individual and couples counselling, in a supportive and confidential environment where you can explore the difficulties you are facing with someone who is trained to listen, without judging who you are or how you feel.

There are many factors which may prevent people from looking for help. Among these is a fear of facing challenges, or feelings of shame and stigma associated with asking for help. There may be a tendency to deny that there is any problem at all, or a conviction that nothing can change.

For any or all of these reasons, seeking counselling can seem daunting, but the decision to do so can be the first step towards making a difference.

How will you know if counselling is suitable for you?

Our preliminary meeting is an opportunity for you to outline the issues that concern you and for me to explain the way I work. You may have questions that will help you to decide whether counselling is right for you and whether I am the counsellor you would like to work with.

 What might you gain from counselling?

Greater self-awareness and understanding which can enhance all your relationships, including your relationship with yourself

A greater sense of autonomy and trust in yourself, and an improved

capacity to make appropriate choices for yourself

Increased self-esteem and an enhanced sense of self-acceptance

Improved resilience in the face of difficulty

Recognition of unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour, and the development of new approaches

A reduction in the sense of feeling alone with your problems

Improved awareness of communication habits and the impact on relationships



Counselling is very much a collaborative process in which we explore the issues you have brought. My task is to hold up a mirror to your experience so that you can see more clearly what is happening and what part you are playing in it.

I have experience of helping people with:

– Anxiety and panic attacks

– Depression and suicidal thoughts

– Self-harm

– Relationship difficulties

– Low self-esteem and loss of confidence

– Life changing loss including bereavement

– Anger

– Questions about sexuality

– Difficulties with work and work relationships

– Long term health issues

– Life stage issues

– Unresolved childhood experiences


Underpinning my work I believe that:

– Our past has shaped us and may still be influential

– We develop defences to protect ourselves, although we may be unaware of these

– We tend to function according to certain patterns or scripts, which may be unhelpful or outdated

– Developing an understanding of these defences and patterns can be empowering and life-changing

– Change and growth are possible throughout our lives


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