~     I loved my sessions with Hilary. She held the space for me so I felt fully heard  and seen, and guided me expertly in understanding the deeper levels of what I had been experiencing in my mind so I could understand not only why I attracted certain dynamics, but forgive myself for them and come back to who I truly was underneath it all. Hilary helped me give voice to wounds and dramas that had plagued me for years and impacted my relationships, my inner dialogue and the way I was interacting with my career and life in general. She helped me recognise and change those old patterns. I always felt safe to express myself in a 100% judgement-free way – it was such an important part of my growth and learning.

~     I felt very reassured and comfortable from my initial meeting. Hilary was very professional and friendly. I felt I was heard. And that Hilary held the space as a compassionate and non- judgmental listener.  She knew how to offer help, allowing me to take responsibility for my actions and reactions, to really think about what I was experiencing from a different perspective. I feel encouraged to observe myself from a more compassionate place. Not taking things as personally and not making so many assumptions. I have learnt to be kinder to myself and less judgemental.     ~

~      I spent a year meeting with Hilary after developing quite severe anxiety.  Our sessions focused on exploring my perception of situations and really helped me to open up to other possible perspectives and outcomes.  Hilary helped to steer me towards tools and techniques that built my resilience and provided me with lifelong coping skills for all manner of situations.  Her calm, friendly approach made me feel safe and secure, allowing me to slowly drop barriers and explore new ideas about myself.   ~

~   From the moment I first contacted Hilary to entering her house she made me feel extremely comfortable and safe. This enabled me to be open and honest with myself and her without fear of judgement or shame. She facilitated a level of authenticity that helped me work through the situation I was embroiled in. I would highly recommend therapy to anyone who wants to learn about themselves, personal growth and to deal with past or present trauma. Hilary helped me immeasurably    ~


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